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What’s available for students?

The CGM Academy offers courses in three series, each comprising of six topics, that graduate in depth of study. There is also the option of an additional course in prayer.

Introduction to the Bible

Introduction to the Bible shows how the great themes of the Bible fit together into one story that spans both the Old and the New Testaments, and at the centre of this one story is Jesus.  This course shows how the various books in the Bible relate to one another historically and theologically, especially how God’s plan to redeem his people, which begins with the promises to Abraham and continues through the fortunes of the nation of Israel, reaches its climax at the cross.

Promise to Fulfilment

Promise to Fulfilment presents Biblical Theology as the key to understanding the Scriptures as a whole.  Students are trained in a method for reading the Bible in a cohesive and integrated manner.  Particular attention is paid to interpreting each passage of the Bible in light of its place in the single overarching story that binds the Bible together as a whole.

New Testament 1

Exploring God's purposes in sending Christ. Getting to know Jesus through the Gospel of Mark. Understanding the New covenant and the mission of Jesus Christ to mankind

Old Testament 1

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy together. What do they teach? What holds them together? To learn the essential basis if the scriptures and the Jewish background to the Bible

Doctrine 1

We explore the Bible's teaching about God - how we get to know him, what he is like, what he has done for us. We establish key themes and the definitions of what the Christian faith entails.

Early Church History

A look at the life of the church (its struggles, persecution and consolidation) through the first five centuries AD. The impact and growth of the Church especially in the face of persecution and the Apostolic era.